A journey to Yemen, 1996


The remote shrine of Santamaria Caramonte, (Patron Saint of Misunderstandings and Spiritual Refreshment ) lies high up in the Spanish Pyrenees. It’s a treacherous six-day climb – gales, blizzards, sna

SMALL WORLD: A play in one act by Sean Hardie

Exiled King Maximilian Xth of Octavia shares an attic flat off the Dunbarton Road with his son and heir the Crown Prince Pauli. He’s been there fifty years but still dreams of going home.

FIVE PLAYS - Sean Hardie.pdf - Sean Hardie

Five one act plays performed at Oran Mor, Glasgow - 'Moldova', 'Burning Your Boats','God's Hairdesser', 'The Life of Wiley' and 'Margaret and Ken and the End of The World'. Click link to download.

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